How Energy Efficient is Your Home?

With the cost of energy on the rise and environmental concerns always in the forefront of the news, it has become popular to “Go Green”. Energy efficiency is the rage, and for good makes sense.

Energy efficient appliances and light bulbs have their place, but they can only do so much to help control your costs, and these items need frequent maintenence or replacement. Thermal efficiency in contrast is a one time expense which will save you money for as long as you own your home. Insulation does not wear out or go out of style.

Thermal efficiency is many times overlooked, but what good is it to replace your furnace with a high efficiency model, while your home loses 30% of its energy consumption through drafts and poorly insulated areas. Many times these areas of inefficiency can be quite small and easily remedied if you only know where your problem areas are.

An Energy Rx is your home's prescription for it's energy inefficiencies.